collection of 555 generative art carpets living on ethereum which unfolds like a magic carpet


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Carpetdiem is a collection of 555 generative carpet forms created by a digital code that fuses ancient patterns and contemporary algorithms. Continuously evolving designs are digitized in the form of 555 pieces of NFT collection where each artwork is unique. Through the algorithm developed by Mammadov, a novel artwork is created at each run. Generated artwork fuses thousands of years of history with contemporary technology that suits the automated era that we live in.

Carpetdiem, from a point of view, is more than just an NFT, it is rather smartly crafted bridge between past and future. Mammadov almost throws a magic carpet on the floor of blockchain and gives you a digital experience to walk through the memories of a long-lost culture. Also, the magic is giving its holders IP rights to fully ownership and possibility to monetize their carpet art. Inspired by the tedious craftmanship of weaving, infinite dimensions of savannahs and deserts as well as mystical harmony of mathematics, Carpetdiem provides an exquisite encounter of time, space and being.

artwork concept

about project

The Carpetdiem is a representation of the magic in mathematics through a mesmerizing display of the fractal geometry that unfolds like blossoming flowers to infinity. Spontaneously evolving designs captivate the viewer by a hypnotizing temptation and take them to an exquisite journey on a magic carpet. Indeed, revealing the unique beauty in mathematics is at the core of Orkhan Mammadov’s work. The recursive fractal system that was derived from the Sierpiński carpet formula subdivides the shape of the equilateral squares consecutively while the algorithm generates a different configuration at each run and creates unique patterns autonomously.

The ubiquitous precision of universe lies in every piece of nature whether it is living or non-living. Indeed, we are surrounded by a whole system that agrees with mathematical formulas, algorithms, and magic numbers such as Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, Π number etc... Such an agreement enchanted scientists, artists, architects, and engineers for centuries and led them to a quest to find the perfect harmony. As the human eye finds pleasure in formations that agree with such formulas, it has been suggested that the foundation of beauty and aesthetics lies within the mathematical sequences and algorithms. Mammadov dives deep into the mysteries that binds beauty and mathematics to digitize the craftsmanship of his home country: Azerbaijan. Carpet weaving has been a long-time tradition in Azerbaijan where patterns have certain meaning and spiritual significance. Mammodov, as an intergenerational artist, creates a fusion between past and future by translating the ancient carpet patterns into a contemporary digital code that generates a novel artwork. He stands at the very border where future is celebrated whilst past is acknowledged and cherished. Hence, Mammodov’s magic carpets lie in a chasm between two dimensions of existence, which he crafted using fractal geometry, a universally compelling magic recipe.

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“In the natural world, everything is based on golden ratio and therefore mathematics, physics and geometry. Flowers, volcanos, stones, plants, animals, they are all created with amazing perfection. As an artistic creator, I use mathematics to replicate what nature does but upon non-natural objects like a carpet. Of course, we can never claim perfection, but I use perfect algorithms to create imperfect object.”

Orkhan Mammadov
Artist & Creative Director

collection details

555Token Supply
0.1 ethCreating + Gas Fee
50Color Libraries


Configured on a recursive fractal system that generates a different configuration on each run.

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Who owns the IP?

Each collector holds the sole IP rights of their own NFTs. Following the sold-out of the collection, a dedicated art license team will guide community/collectors to protect their IPs and create passive income streams from their NFTs.

Is there a royalty fee from secondary sales?

Project is suitable for secondary sales with a 10% royalty fee.

What is the total supply?


What is the roadmap?

Collectors Rewards: Collectors will be rewarded with museum grade prints, wall hanging tapestries, and a handmade silk carpet.

  • 1 random collector will receive a handmade silk carpet.
  • 10 random collectors will receive a wall hanging tapestry.
  • 100 random collectors will receive a museum grade print of their NFT.